• Provide an overview of Water Information System in the Mediterranean region.
  • Present the progress on the field of Water IS and GIS in a general way.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of GIS tools for decision making in the management of water resources.
  • Exchange and share work and experiences.

Target audience

  • Policy makers, elected officials and regional leaders.
  • Professionals in the field
  • Researchers & Academics.
  • Public

Award for best communications

To encourage the best work in the field, a set of prizes will be awarded to participants:

  • Best Article Award (will be selected by the newspaper committee)
  • Best Oral Communication Award (will be selected by the scientific committee)
  • Best Poster Award (will be selected by the scientific committee and participants vote on the facebook event page)

After the meeting

  • Publication of the meeting’s work (at the national library and at the internet).
  • Publication of proposed articles in scientific partner journal of the event.
  • Edition of « Study of Mediterranean Water IS: Current status, strengths and improvements. »
  • Diffusion of Internet videos (conferences & round tables).