Actors involved in the water resources field produce a large and diverse amount of data on water resources and aquatic environments. Organize the sharing and diffusion of these data has become a major priority in order to ensure sustainable management of this vital resource.

Despite the quantity of data associated with a relative abundance of water in our region, managers have not been encouraged to set up a regular assessment of water resources. However, only a rigorous and continuous monitoring will approach the operation of a water resource and its evolution.

Diverse parameters: flow, turbidity, conductivity, temperature .., can now be saved through automated stations, capable to communicate data acquired by GSM or wired networks. The managers services have direct access to the parameters in real time analyzed and can control the best utilization of resources.

The Water Information System (WIS) is a platform for the organization of, production, collection, storage, valorization and diffusion of data. The WIS has a dual mission: To diffuse public information, and report important indicators for decision-making at national

The Moroccan Association of Young Geomatists, in partnership with the Faculty of Sciences of Rabat and the University Mohammed V Agdal, organizes a scientific meeting on the theme « Mediterranean Water Information System » The purpose of this meeting is to present an overview of the WIS on the Mediterranean basin and prospects in this area.

Mediterranean Day of WIS will focus on a series of conferences and lecture-workshop on WIS. Oral communications and posters will also be scheduled. The event will also be an occasion to have constructive discussions through a round table

Following this event, a summary of the Mediterranean WSI will be published in addition to the collected abstracts of the event and the publication of the articles proposed by the authors in the partner journal of the event.