For these days, the main theme is Water Information Systems (WIS), with the following sub-themes:


  • Norms and standards of geographic information.
  • Interoperability and harmonization of data
  • Systems of corporate communication
  • GIS – Geographic Information Systems

Life cycle of water:

  • System of monitoring supply chain water (station, dam, pipeline, pump … )
  • System of water quality control
  • System of measurement and water analysis, in real or semi – real time.
  • Information System followed by treatment of the polluted water

Risk Management, Decision Making and Awareness:

  • Applied to water resources decision support system
  • Sensitization of general public
  • Forecasting System natural hazards (Flood, climate risk,…)
  • Resource management planning and sustainable urban

Mobility and Real-time tracking:

  • Remote Sensing
  • Applications Web / Browser
  • Integration of mobile technologies (GPS, Geocapteur , etc.).

International experiences:

  • Academic Experiences of Water Information Systems
  • National Projects of Water Information Systems
  • Community Projects of Water Information Systems